Thanksgiving Movie Marathon, Anyone?

Mycalea Lewis

Every holiday pretty much has a collection of movies that everybody loves and consistently watches year after year. Now that it’s December, we are all sure to be watching our Christmas favorites like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Home Alone, Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause…you get it. This list is by no means extensive, but if I tried to list every holiday movie ever, I’d probably be here so long that the holidays would have come and gone by then. But there’s one holiday that is super underrepresented in Hollywood.  The hand-turkey-art-project holiday that the box office seems to constantly forget — Thanksgiving! Yes, I know this holiday has come and gone, and most people probably started celebrating Christmas on November 29 this year, but how ironic is it that a season all about thankfulness is not properly appreciated on the big and small screens? Even the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had musical guests like Glee’s Lea Michele and Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland singing Christmas songs and brings out Santa Clause at the end of the celebration. I’m sure that we could all think of some pretty good songs to celebrate Thanksgiving, don’t you think? (Possible playlist coming soon.) Now before I go on, I’d like to acknowledge those few movies and TV episodes that give Turkey Day a little bit of the recognition it deserves: all nine Thanksgiving episodes of Friends that I can’t be bothered to name, the Thanksgiving scenes in Addams Family Values, Rocky, The Blind Side, the ever-so-popular A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and the 2013 animated movie Free Birds. But even so, these movies still aren’t half as popular as whatever college football game happens to be on that day. We’re all guilty of sitting in front of a warm fire, drinking hot chocolate with our slippers, enjoying time with our families and watching Christmas movies. Would it really be that hard for us to have some more Thanksgiving Day entertainment? I guess we’ll never know. To all you future TV and film directors out there, you have a new assignment. And to everyone who celebrates Christmas, when you are putting up your trees this year and blasting Mariah Carey, I implore you to imagine how you can give Thanksgiving some more holiday magic in 2020.

 Happy Holidays, everyone.