What to do in the Trinity Basement During Vespers Rehearsal

Delia Duggan

We’ve all been there: Trinity Basement. It’s the day before the Christmas Celebration and Winter Break. If you’re like me, only in band, you might spend hours in the basement waiting for your fifteen minutes of fame. As expected, many students get antsy. I’ll admit, I am a repeat offender of talking *just* too loud, causing the teachers on duty to (rightfully) tell me to be quieter. After two years of this, I have compiled a list of my favorite activities for you and your friends to do in order to pass the time in silence, so that Mr. Szilvasy doesn’t have to shush you.

  1. Play Cards! This one is slightly controversial. It requires a great deal of restraint, and as such, you must try not to start yelling at your friends if you lose a round of BS! I know, I know, this is a daunting task, but you will be reprimanded if you get out of line, and you wouldn’t want to lose your card playing privileges.
  2. Watch a festive movie or TV show on Netflix! If you’re not sure how to connect to the wifi in Trinity Chapel, Netflix’s download feature provides a solution. Make sure to bring headphones! Not only is this a quiet activity, but you can do it with your friends if you bring earbuds!
  3. Eat! I get hungry almost every year. Having to stay at school late makes most people crave some sort of snack. Make sure to bring food that will tie you over while you wait, like granola bars and fruit. Bonus: drink plenty of water! Those bright lights make performers thirsty.
  4. Make Tik Toks! Listen, and I don’t wanna hear any backlash about this, but I hate Tik Tok. That being said, based on the amount of time many students spend on Tik Tok, it seems like an activity that many of our readers may find worthwhile. Also, this activity may get out of hand quite easily, so make sure to keep yourself in check so no one has to shush you!
  5. Take a nap! Napping is a great way to replenish your energy after a long day of school. You want to be able to have the best performance possible, so take a power nap! Make sure you get up in time so that you are FULLY awake to prepare to be on stage, although it may be hard to sleep given the excitement of the night.
  6. Socialize! This one is particularly difficult given the way that conversation naturally grows louder. However, if you dedicate yourself to the cause, you can easily talk to your friends in a quiet and well behaved manner.


As the night of Vespers grows closer, remember to have fun! You have been working hard all year long on your performances, and I know that your hard work will pay off!