Junior Parking Lot Controversy

Anna Hennessey

Full Disclaimer: We the juniors really love the J-lot and are very appreciative that we do not have to parallel park on Colby. This article is not meant to offend, just to inform. Thank you for reading.

On September 14th, 2019 I took and passed my driver’s test. A few weeks later I got a car and began the 45-minute drive from Canton each morning. By entering the Junior Lot via Colby Road, I also entered a whole new world of hierarchy. I heard the whispers of where it is best to park without upsetting the equilibrium and I tried to follow it. As I pulled in everyday parking in relatively the same space, I saw that others also had “their spot.” This was the calm before the storm. Up until lately, everyone has seemed to have a certain unassigned assigned spot that they’ve basically religiously parked in. As the new drivers have begun their voyage to school, the spots in the first section have become scarce causing the latecomers (regardless of their seniority) to park in the second section. The whispers of this controversy have been flooding the Junior Hallway. To give you a clear look at others’ opinions, I sent a survey out to the Class of 2021. Thirty people filled out the survey, including fourteen drivers and sixteen non-drivers. Out of the fourteen drivers, nine said that they park in the same spot every day. These responses hold very strong opinions on all sides and I urge you to read all sides with an open mind. 

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Older Drivers- 

*I understand that new drivers and non-drivers would be upset by the spots, but I think the people who do drive and have been driving for an extended period of time should ultimately have the most stake in parking spots

*They are, as Thomas Paine once said, a “necessary evil.” Without the unassigned assigned spots, the J-Lot would be anarchy

I am a driver. I usually park in the same spot except for the past few days people have been in my spot so I have parked elsewhere.

*I think that they can be quite annoying if you’ve been parked in the same spot for a good amount of time

*I like parking in the same general area every day, but that is just because I get to school early. If someone takes my spot, I don’t really care that much, just as long as I get to be in the same general area. I understand that new drivers might not like this idea, because, yes, it seems from the outside kind of an unreasonable system, but many people just hate change. I think that it is easy to understand both sides of this argument

I am Indifferent to the assigned parking your spot until someone parks in mine.

Spots shouldn’t be assigned however I think if you’ve been driving for a while and always park in the same spot, you should be able to always park in that spot.

*I like to park in the same spot/couple of spots every day depending on what’s open, but it wouldn’t kill me if someone parked in my spot. Some people make people taking their spot a bigger deal than it should be.

*I’ve been driving to school since last February. I don’t mind that much like who parks were but I think it’s not great when brand new drivers park in like the first few spots. but I also COMPLETELY understand because there is no way for new drivers to know the unassigned assigned spots. I also will admit I recently changed my usual spot because my car does not fit in my old spot because of the snowbank

New Drivers-

They don’t exist, I’ve been driving since September and people getting worked up about new drivers parking in the first section are being ridiculous


stupid and unnecessary because whoever gets to school first can park wherever they want

The hierarchy is a corrupt system and must be taken down immediately

I think it’s harmless unless people get too mad at others if they steal “their spot”


I am a non-driver and I think that unassigned assigned spots are honestly ridiculous. It should be first-come-first-serve, and it is unfair for someone to get the same spot every day just because they have an emotional attachment to it. Also, If you are that averse to walking an extra 5 FEET across the parking lot, that is a deeper issue.

I’m a nondriver but I think it is selfish for people to be upset at someone for parking in their “unassigned parking spot.” Unless they literally bought the parking spot, it’s not their spot and its just privileged to act like they have a right to it over others, the parking lot should be a first come first serve in the morning! it should not be a hierarchy.

I’m a nondriver but will get a license soon)I think people should have unassigned spots so that whoever gets to school first can park where they want and people who get their licenses later in the year are not automatically stuck with a far parking spot.

As a nondriver, it is hard for me to fathom how having one spot or another would matter whatsoever.

I am nondriver and I think that people are over dramatic about “their spots” and they should not get mad at other people for parking in said spots if they want that spot so bad they can get to school early. The junior parking lot spaces are first come first serve and should be treated as such.

As a nondriver, it is hard for me to fathom how having one spot or another would matter whatsoever.

I feel that parking spots should not be assigned because it will always be unfair to drivers who are assigned to parking spots much farther from school and it should be a first come first serve.