We have a Stall Story Crisis on Our Hands…

Katelyn McGauley

We have a stall story crisis on our hands. Today I walked into the 2nd-floor women’s restroom and there were EIGHT stall stories in only ONE stall. Enraging!

Don’t get me wrong, I love stall stories, and I think they are a great way to give students information that they might not know from daily life, but when there are stall stories up for over 1 month, I simply do not read it. This crisis has bothered me in the past year, but this year it is particularly bad. There are a few reasons I think an overabundance of stall stories is a negative part of our school. First, it makes the stalls look messy, especially when the tape begins to lose its adhesive ability and posters begin to fall on the ground. Personally, I love being organized and when I walk into the restroom and see multiple stall stories trampled over on the ground, I can’t help but cringe. Also, the fallen stall stories create more trash for the cleaning staff to pick up, which is not their responsibility. 

 Secondly, although there are over eight stall stories in one stall, I have read have already read them all. For example, I have probably read a stall story posted in October over 25 times and have almost completely memorized it. This can become boring and take away from the importance of the information presented. The old stall stories also take up the space for new stall stories and as a result, they end up on the mirror or on the paper towel dispenser. Therefore, do not get as many views. 

With all of this being said, here is my proposal. If a stall story is over a month old, or the date it references has passed, anyone has the right to take down that stall story. This will make our bathrooms cleaner and open up space in the stalls for new stall stories.