Opinion on Taking a Guest to Semi vs. Not

Lindley McEvoy and Ali Peck

As semi season is coming to a close we’ve decided to discuss one of the most debated topics surrounding semi: having a guest vs. going solo. There are many pros and cons to having a guest. Let’s be honest, having a guest is really only for the pre-pictures, because once you arrive at the dance you usually go your separate ways. Everyone loves to get the cute corsage pictures with their guest at pre-pics, which is one of the pros of having a guest. It can also be fun to show someone who doesn’t go to the school what it’s like at NCDS. If you bring a guest who has friends it’s a good way to get to know multiple people from a different school. One of the biggest pros of bringing a guest is the potential of being invited to their semi later in the year. If you know your guest well it can be a lot of fun to spend this night together. 

However, there are some downsides that make going solo seem even more desirable. At semi, you are responsible for all of your guest’s actions, therefore, you have to put a ton of trust into their hands. A lot of people worry about the receiving line at semi, so going to semi without a guest relieves the stress of introductions. Also, if you don’t know your guest that well or you got set up, it can be a little awkward. Similarly, if your guest doesn’t have that many friends you may feel like you have to “babysit” them instead of having fun with your friends. Another common worry of people in our school who wear heels is being taller than your guest. It can make taking pictures awkward and prepics sometimes uncomfortable. A lot of people also dislike having to pay the extra ten dollars to bring a guest. In addition to paying for them, it is also uncomfortable to ask your guest for one of their parent’s phone number when filling out the form. Another stress for most people is getting their guest a corsage or a boutonniere, and giving it to them can also be awkward if you don’t know them. 

Either way, semi can be a ton of fun, and we hope everyone enjoyed it last week!