DIY Christmas Gifts

Emma Hatem

In honor of Christmas, here are some DIY Christmas (or Advent Angel) gift ideas.

  1. Christmas Cookie Sugar Scrub
    1. Granulated Sugar
    2. Coconut oil
    3. Red, Green and White Nonpareil sprinkles
    4. Vanilla essential oil 
    5. Melt the coconut oil.  Add Vanilla essential oil.  Combine. Mix in sugar.
    6.   Mix in sprinkles. 
    7.  Scoop into jar.  

  1. DIY Snowy Mason Jar Candles
    1. Mason jar 
    2. 1 cup of epsom salt
    3. 1 tbsp glitter (preferably white or translucent)
    4. mod podge (or tacky glue)
    5. sponge brush for applying the glue
    6. twine or ribbon
    7. small piece of greenery
    8. hot glue gun
    9. flameless tea lights 
    10. Combine epsom salt and glitter.  Apply modge podge to outside of jar.  Sprinkle epsom salt/glitter around the modge podge covered jar.  Let dry for one hour. Hot glue greenery to top of jar. Wrap twine around top of jar.  Put candle in jar.

  1. Gingerbread house ornaments 
    1. Paint pens 
    2. Mini terracotta pots
    3. Ribbon
    4. Small craft bells
    5. White acrylic paint
    6. Paintbrushes
    7. For further instructions

  1. Rudolph Christmas Tree Ornament
    1. Wooden slices (with pre cut hole)
    2. Brown glitter paper
    3. Red glitter paper
    4. String
    5. Glue gun
    6. Brown paint
    7. Paint Brush
    8. Black marker pen
    9. Paint one side of the wooden block brown.  Cut antlers out of brown glitter paper. Cut a nose out of red glitter paper.  Draw a mouth on Rudolph under his nose. Put string through the pre cut hole in your wooden slice.