The Backlash on Abi’s Screen Time

The Backlash on Abi's Screen Time

Abi Hennessey

In the last newspaper edition, Annie Kelley and I wrote an article on screen time. After it was published, I received one main question: dId YoU aCtUaLlY sPeNd 19 HoUrS oN yOuR pHoNe? The short answer is yes. But let me get into the details. 

I went to bed pretty early in the morning you can say. When I woke up I used Tik Tok for a couple hours. Tik Tok is kinda addicting. When scrolling through Tik Tok, I get lost in the “for you” page, and it starts as minutes and turns into hours. Then I watched some Netflix and Disney+ (Victorious and Hannah Montana), but I was on Tik Tok the majority of the day, and throughout the day I made a few Tik Toks. At the end of the day, my screen time was 19 hours. My most used app was Tik Tok, with 15 hours and 51 minutes. Next was Snapchat, with 1 hour and 14 minutes. The rest of the screen time was on camera and other apps like that. My screen time is not always 19 hours, but sometimes it reaches 22. For anyone who reached out and is concerned about my health, honestly, I am too.