Semi Expectations vs. Reality

Emma Doyle and Mary O'Brien

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As freshmen, when it comes to semi, we don’t know everything, but there’s a few things we’ve heard about. We already experienced the stress of finding and buying the perfect dress prior to semi. We heard about the spray tans; some turn out really well, while others need some urgent attention. We heard that at a pre-party, the majority of the time is spent taking pictures and putting on corsages and boutonnieres. When it comes to semi itself, you can bet that we’ve heard about the receiving line! The most intimidating teachers all lined up to scare off any thoughts of bad behavior. As the party begins, people take off their heels and break out their dance moves. The people you least expect to go all out are the ones that do. The night is full of mario kart, dancing, and pictures. We have definitely heard the horror stories of set-ups gone wrong, but we’ve also heard about them turning out well. Finally, no matter what grade you are in, we can all attest to the fact that after semi, 99% of our feed is taken up by semi pictures. 


After experiencing semi for ourselves, we can say that it mostly lives up to our expectations. The night was full of fun and laughter. Finding the perfect dress took many weeks and was stressful. Many people ordered multiple in case one didn’t work out. Many people got their nails done and got a spray tan or did self tan. The day of semi it was noted that most spray tans looked really good. Most people attended a pre-party where most of the time was spent taking pictures and putting on corsages and boutonnieres. I mean, what would semi be without a picture for Instagram? Going through the receiving line was not as scary as we thought it would be. In fact, it was a breeze. Being set up actually turned out to be pretty nice since our dates had friends there so we did not need to babysit them the whole night. The event ended the next day with the famous line “______ commented on a post you’re tagged in”.