Vespers is Underrated

Kelly Cloonan

I know that most people think that Vespers is made into too big of a deal. Yes, the rehearsals and countless months preparing can be tedious for a one night show, and the walk to Trinity is a bit of a workout. There is also so much going on during this time of year, with Even so, there is something so special about Vespers. The night of Vespers, when the church is decked out in Christmas trees and poinsettas, I always get such a happy and Christmas-y feeling in my heart. Vespers is the day that always gets me in the Christmas spirit, and nothing beats the feeling of walking out of Trinity singing a Christmas hymn and knowing that break has basically begun.

With Vespers happening tonight, I encourage everyone to take a second to live in the moment and really appreciate the tradition of Vespers. I know that next year, I will be sad to not participate in Vespers as a dancer, but I hope to experience Vespers in a new way, as an alum.