High School Musical The Musical The Series: Expectations vs Reality

Kate Vander Vort and Abi Hennessey

 High School Musical The Musical The Series is a TV series on Disney +. The series is about highschoolers who attend school where the hit movie “High School Musical” was filmed. While there is a lot of cheesy drama that goes on throughout the series, as well as multiple love triangles, overall the show was very exciting to watch.

At first, everyone thought the show would be just another cheesy Disney series that wouldn’t live up to the iconic original High School Musical movies. Having watched the whole series of HSMTMTS in under 24 hours, I was curious to see how other people liked it. We recently sent out a survey about the expectations and realities of the show and the responses were shockingly similar. We surveyed 48 NCDS upper schoolers and 35 (72.9%) watched the show. Some people were “expecting it to be really bad and childish,” and “ thought it would be bad, like most spin-offs are.” One student who took the survey also said, “I thought it was going to be really dumb and didn’t have high hopes.” Most of the expectations were the same, and everyone had the expectation that it would be very cheesy, but decided to watch the series anyway. 

Luckily they did, because the survey captured high praises from viewers. Survey takers said they thought it was “amazing” and the “best singular thing I have ever laid my eyes on.” One student even said “[I] LOVED IT AND I NEED ANOTHER SEASON.” After hearing students’ overwhelmingly positive responses to the show, we asked if the reality surpassed their expectations, and students said they would “10/10 recommend” to others. There were also many comments about Joshua Bassett, who plays the character Ricky in the show. One student even claimed, “Joshua Bassett is the love of my life.” 

The show ended with a cliffhanger, and the next season will not premiere until next year, but our expectations remain high. HSMTMTS taught us to not judge a book by its cover and I hope the second season lives up to everyone’s expectations just as season 1 did. Through our research of the series, we even found out that producers are looking for Extras for the show! If you are in Utah anytime in February, you can audition!