The Hype Around Valentine’s Day

Emma Doyle

In elementary school, we all had Valentine’s Day celebrations where everyone brought in small gifts and candy for their classmates. I remember, when I was a little girl, I went shopping with my mom to find Valentine’s gifts for my classmates. My mom always encouraged the stickers, but I knew my classmates would prefer candy. I mean, who wouldn’t? I was always so excited for Valentine’s Day and anticipated it as if it was one of the best days of the year. Now that I am in high school, Valentine’s Day hits different. I wake up and, once again, it’s a regular day. I go to school and do my regular routines. There are no small celebrations and simply feels like any other day. Some high schoolers might have boyfriends to spend this day with, but the busyness of high school means that having and maintaining a relationship is difficult. Therefore, I think Valentine’s Day is overrated.