Varsity Hockey Captain Interview: Hanna Matthews and Mary O’Brien


Kate Vander Vort and Megan O'Brien

When did you start playing hockey

Hanna started playing hockey when she was in kindergarden. She played for a house league.

Megan started playing hockey as a itsy bitsy second grader. How cute. 


What’s your favorite part of the hockey season?

Although Hanna loves everything about the hockey season, her favorite thing is the team atmosphere and the tight bonds that grow over the season. 

Megan’s favorite part of the season is spending time with the team in the locker room before and after games. She also likes the long bus rides home from away games with the team. 



Who’s your favorite competitor and why?

Winsor is Hanna’s favorite competitor for many reasons. They are usually an even match and it feels good to win a game against them. 

Megan’s favorite competitor is Winsor. This is because it is the most competitive game of the season and people get really into it. There’s a great atmosphere and it is always a battle when we play them. 


Favorite locker room song?

Hanna says her favorite locker room song is Country Roads. Every game when everyone is fully dressed the captains play country roads and we all tap our legs to the beat together, which is one of Hanna’s favorite things about the hockey season. 


Her favorite locker room song is Country Roads. Before each game, the teams sings it while we all pat our hands on our legs. It’s a great pump up pre-game ritual.  


Favorite snack in the locker room?

Hanna enjoys munching on gushers before a big game. They get her energized and excited or game day.

Megan’s favorite snack in the locker room is probably granola bars. She loves herself a good protein bar.


Favorite hockey story at ncds?

NYA is a fiesty, very competitive team. “In our games against them they have racked up a dangerous amount of penalties and it has been a competitive team to play against.” Hanna says that this is one of her favorite hockey stories at NCDS. 

Her favorite hockey story at NCDS was beating Winsor for the first time this year. It was a super tight game and we ended up coming out on top. It made everyone pretty happy to say the least. 


Least favorite type of sprint?

Hanna says she least enjoys the red line, blue line stop and start sprints. If you are not on the hockey team, red line, blue line sprints are where you stop and start between the red line and blue line many times.  

Megan’s least favorite type of sprint is any type where you sprint between the blue lines. They get her every time.  


Favorite drill at practice?

Hannas most enjoys the continuous 3v3 drill at practice. It is like a scrimmage but with less players which is fun because it is full ice but with more opportunity to play. 

Her favorite drill at practice is the activation scrimmage. It’s continuous and one of her all time favs. 


Favorite thing to do on road trips?

During the hockey season we go on many long road trips together. Hanna says her favorite thing to do on long bus rides is to make and watch TikToks because they pass time quickly and are fun.

For Megan, a good nap always hits the spot. She also particularly enjoys the dance parties the team has on the bus home from away games.   


Favorite post game meal?

Hanna fuels up after a big game day with pasta and chicken. She especially enjoys this meal if it is at a team dinner. 

Megan’s favorite post-game meal is a good old burger or pesto pasta. That really refuels and replenishes her for the next big game of stick and puck.