TV Show Review: You

Ali Peck

Sick of all your Netflix shows? Watch You! You is a Netflix Original and has two available seasons. The TV show’s first season came out in 2018, and the second season just came out in December 2019. The show is nothing but suspenseful yet entertaining with a score of 92% rotten tomatoes! The show is about a man named Joe Goldberg who also uses false identities known as Will Bettelheim and Paul Brown in order to stalk different women. He is obsessed with the process of finding “the one.” However, he has a unique way of luring in women to express his love for them. In season 1, Joe falls in love with a woman named Beck and has to hurt her loved ones in order to gain her love, affection, and attention. In season 2, he falls for a girl who is similar to him, who is also crazy, named Love. Each season becomes more thrilling as the episodes grow more intense as the show goes on. Find out how the seasons unfold by watching You on Netflix!