A Sebs vs. Belmont Hill Basketball Game from a NCDS Student Perspective

Catie Ellis

The game ended with a score of 76 St. Sebastian’s to 55 Belmont Hill and a storming of the court. In my opinion, basketball is one of the easiest sports to watch, and this game was especially enjoyable. It was a fast paced  game, and it seemed as though the crowd and the players kept feeding off each other, making one another better. The stands were completely full, and fans spilled onto the floor cheering the entire game and shaking the floors. I was amazed by the crowd and their energy, and kept wondering why the NCDS games aren’t like this and if it would help our team win more if we were. 

I was curious to see how the players felt about the crowd’s contribution to the game, and when asked if the crowd helped him play better, Trevor Mullin responded, “Yeah, way better.” Trevor was a pleasure to watch, sinking almost every shot he took, and making the threes that Belmont Hill reminded us are not easy to make. He moves with such ease and elegance that he looks like he’s been playing at this level for years. John Carroll said it best: “Trevor Mullin’s up next.” 

Lyndel Erold also had quite an impressive game, not only with the skillful shots that always found their way to the net, but also playing aggressive defense, slapping shots away from the Sebs net, and stealing the ball away from dribbling Belmont Hill players so smoothly you almost didn’t realize what he had done until he had made another shot. 

These players were able to stand out as the top scorers only with the consistent help of Captain Ben Kaczmarek; Ben assisted Trevor in almost every play, and he was always in the right place, able to find the open player and get them the ball at the right time. In addition to finding the right person for every shot, Ben also played physical defense and was unafraid to get to the net for every rebound. 

Belmont Hill seemed to be a solid competitor, playing good defense and grabbing rebounds, but without consistent shooters they were unable to gain control of the game. As the game went on, the Belmont Hill players seemed to panic as the difference in score became bigger and bigger. They started shooting more and more threes that they knew they couldn’t make. St. Sebastians also stepped up their defense, making it hard for BH to drive to the net and forcing them to try to make shots they couldn’t.

 When #4 on Belmont Hill, a fast and aggressive player who had many breakaways got hit in the head and had to sit out.  You could see his distress and knew that it was definitely over for Belmont Hill.