Favorite NCDS and Sebs Lunches

Caroline Linton and Colin Lapus

If you could have one school lunch for the rest of the year, what would it be? 

At NCDS there is a lot of debate about the best meals at lunch. One of the most common meals, chicken with a side of rice, has led to the Flik lunch service being dubbed as the “chicken and rice guys.” Other frequent meals include breakfast for lunch, tacos, General Tso’s chicken, and chicken dumplings.

According to a poll sent to Newton Country Day students, our favorite lunch is pasta. This lunch includes pasta with marinara sauce, alfredo, pesto, or just butter. Also served on pasta day is garlic bread that is devoured after waiting in a long line to get in. One would think that having pasta day once a week would make students tired of it, but that hasn’t happened yet.

This poll was sent to all the upper school students at NCDS and yielded some interesting results. The students were asked to name their first, second, and third favorite lunches. They also named their least favorite lunch which was unsurprisingly cod. The baked cod served only once every few months is left uneaten while the students rush to the salad bar or make their own sandwiches. Baked cod is often accompanied by tater tots or some other side dish which quickly disappears. 

Coming in second for favorite food, lo mein noodles has worked its way into the typical week at Newton. The poll also asked NCDS students to state their favorite dessert. Cookies, specifically chocolate chip, were the clear winner. This is a typical and very popular dessert for Newton Country Day. The big question is if you prefer snickerdoodle cookies or chocolate chip. 

Finally, Newton students were asked what their favorite gouter or snack was. Cupcakes were the clear winners. Vanilla or chocolate cake covered in icing and on special occasions pink icing is a crowd favorite. I doubt that St. Sebastian’s has a lot of pink icing, but their school lunches are still pretty good.

When asking around St. Sebastian’s School, the top lunches weren’t as obvious as some might think. There are the classics, many even having been dubbed ‘Sebs classics’ by many- although this does not necessarily mean they are the best. And, also to note, opinions on rankings of the different lunches are varied, with many Arrows having controversial opinions as to which is their favorite.

While no formal survey was conducted, the general favorite lunch at Sebs (which really comes down to the lunch with the least complaints) seemed to be the Chicken Sandwich. This should be considered as one of the aforementioned “traditions.” There do seem to be little to no objections toward this lunch, which has been a staple on select Mondays for years. A nice complement to this meal are the ‘Golden House-Fried Potato Chips’ served adjacent to the Salad  Bar. This lunch is elegant in its simplicity. 

Another somewhat long-standing favourite has been the General Tso’s Chicken, which has been recently updated with Chicken Nuggets, rather than the randomized Chicken pieces they were for years. Something about the accessible flavor and rice, along with the finishing touch of fortune cookies, makes this meal a memorable one, and also one to look forward to  throughout the month. 

While, for many, these three would be interchangeable, the third pick of this list is the BBQ and Buffalo Chicken Tenders, affirming the fact that SAGE does chicken dishes very well. These ‘tendys’ are in the roster frequently, less than every two weeks, and Sebs loves them. The reason they place third is that the sides aren’t memorable. If you’re wondering why the other good chicken dish, Chicken Parm, was not included, is that it is currently not on a regular rotation with SAGE, but it would otherwise deserve a place.

In terms of desserts, the obvious answer, akin to NCDS, are the chocolate chip cookies, with Churros as a close second. While upperclassmen might think they are too cool for churros, no other lunch has such a big percentage of the student body waiting around for minutes after they finish their meal. The cookies are always delectable, and little to no negativity is shed towards them.