TikTok at NCDS and Sebs

Abi Hennessey and Ryan DuFour

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months then you have most likely heard of the app, TikTok. At a given point when walking through NCDS or St. Sebastian’s you can hear the sound of Tiktok’s blaring through the speakers of students’ phones. What’s the extent of this TikTok epidemic? Is it an addiction or simply our culture? We decided to dig deeper into the matter and collect the opinions of students at our respective schools. Therefore, we interviewed NCDS senior, Sophia Gaines, an anonymous freshman, and St. Sebastian’s Juniors, Jack Mahoney and Colm Kearney, about their views on TikTok. To the questions; do you have TikTok?, have you seen a TikTok?, and have you made a TikTok?. In all four interviews every single answer was yes; so obviously TikTok is big. Although the stigma against the class of 2023 being more addicted exists, my interview with Sophia, who had the same answers suggests NCDS across the board is addicted to this app.  The freshman matter-a-factly stated, “It’s my favorite app.” The senior says one of the great things about this app is “the continuous trends that everyone catches on too.” Although Tiktok is amazing the addiction can get in the way of work as the freshman points out, “I think tik tok is great for passing time but it can also get addicting.” Jack had similar thoughts saying, “I love the app but I often find myself browsing aimlessly through the “For You” page, when I really should be doing homework.” Jack also went on to say that he is “most definitely” addicted. Jack’s favorite TikTok dance is the “Renegade” and his favorite TikToker is Charli D’amelio. Colm stated, “My favorite part of TikTok is the comedy aspect. There are so many funny videos.” However, Colm claimed that he was “not ready” to call himself an addict, but he did point out that he used TikTok for almost three hours a day. Maybe Colm and all of us need to face reality and admit that we are addicted. The majority of NCDS and St. Sebastian’s students are addicted. We asked the girls which school they thought had a bigger addiction. They both said NCDS with the reasoning that “girls tend to be on the app more.” The Seb’s boys agreed and thought that girls enjoy and use TikTok more. I leave you with this perfect quote from the upperclassmen about the app, “it has brought me joy, laughs, and fun with my friends and family, so I appreciate it for that.”