Lost in Translation: Examining Lingo at NCDS and Sebs

Delia Duggan

At NCDS, we have quite a few words or phrases specific to our school. In fact, if anyone else heard them, they might think we are crazy. But we decided to put NCDS students’ knowledge of other lingo to the test by asking them to translate terms and phrases provided by our brother school, St. Sebastian’s. I went around the halls of NCDS presenting students with a word or phrase, and then a sentence in which that term/phrase is used, asking them to translate. Here are their responses:


Word/Phrase and Sentence NCDS Student Response(s)
Howah –– “Serowik, Howah!” “Saying hi to someone.”

“They’re asking ‘How are you?’”

Dish –– “You tryna dish some dish after school?” 

“Nah, I’m going back to my dish.”

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Actual translation is: 

“You wanna toss a frisbee after school?”

“No, I’m going home.”]

“Secret. Tea. Gossip.”


“Eat. Like at a restaurant.”



“Spill the tea.”

The Bad –– “Chick-fil-A the bad.” “The good.” 

“Means the opposite.”

“The best.”

The Good –– “Jambalaya the good.” “Goes with the bad. Means the bad. They don’t like jambalaya.”

“The worst.”

In My Cut –– “Mousetrap car’s kinda the good in my cut right now.” “In my opinion.”


“Salt in my wound. Kind of like pain.”


Pillaje (pill-AH-hay) –– “Oh, we got pillajed. Like 48-17.” “They got killed. They lost a game by a lot.”

“They lost.”

“They got run over. Like, they got crushed.”

OTB –– “Yo, snow day tomorrow.” 

“OTB that!”

“On the Bible.”

“Yay. A positive thing.”

Probably Ever –– “Probably ever don’t pack Henry’s.” “Never.”

“A rare occurrence.”

In The Genuine –– “He says he’s ranked 10 in the state? Yeah, in the genuine.” “Sarcastic term. Like ‘Yeah, right.’”
Hack –– “How hack as of late?” “Ridiculous.”

“Like ‘How are you?’”

Easily –– “You got the soliloquy memorized?” 

“Easily with that, guy.”

“They don’t want to hear about that soliloquy.”

“Sort of like ‘out of sight out of mind.’”

“Yeah I did. It was easy. It means it was easy and it was done fast.”


“Chill. Like ‘Chill with that.’”

Fat –– “Got a fat little Hamlet reading tonight, gentlemen.” “Big.”


“A lot.”

Za –– “ZA, ZA, ZA, ZA! ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA, ZA!” “Pizza.”

“A rally cry.”


As you can see, there seems to be some disagreement over what these terms mean, but overall, it seems like NCDS might just have gotten some new slang!