Why Target is the Most Therapeutic Place on Earth

Why Target is the Most Therapeutic Place on Earth

Anna Hennessey and Abi Hennessey


It was a rainy Tuesday night and I, Anna, had just had the utterly worst day on earth. I barely saw any of my friends, I did homework all day, and I did not like the lunch. I trekked down to the J-Lot and called my sister. It was 6:30 pm and this girl STILL was not in the car (her hockey practice had run late). I groaned as she sat down in the passenger seat and I saw that the gate to the J-Lot was closed. Great, I thought, now I have to drive through campus as well. As we began the thirty-minute drive home, I turned on my sad playlist and made the right turns. Then Abi said it. The statement that TURNED the night around. “Hey, do you wanna stop at Target?” 

I go to Target a lot. I usually don’t spend more than five dollars, but I still go. I know every aisle, crevice, and corner of the store. When I go to Target with one of my friends, they stand astonished as I am able to find the exact item in the exact spot for them. Many people tell me I should get a job at Target, and to answer that statement, yes I have applied, yes I got rejected, and yes I will be trying again. When I go to Target, the second that I walk through the door I feel transformed. As a famous Delia Duggan quote would say, “Quiet! I’m transcending.” 



Pulling up to Target is something that us Hennessey sisters do at least once a week. Anna pulls into the second section, taking up three spots, and then we run-up to the store. Anna grabs a basket, I pull a cart and we scour the store for something we “need.” Most of the time going to Target isn’t because we need an item but because we need a way to unwind after a long day. The bright, fluorescent lighting and the neutral scent make the store very welcoming. Furthermore, ever since Anna got her license, the trips to Target have become more frequent. Through our trips to Target, our relationship with each other is now stronger than it ever was before.

When having a bad day the one thing that can positively cheer me up (besides newspaper meetings, of course) is walking through the long, smooth, tile aisles at Target. When I first walk into the store, the fresh smell of Target hits me and I instantly relax. As I grab a cart and make my way down the main aisle, the cart glides on the floor. If I have energy, I run and then hop on the back of the cart and sail down the open aisle.

Anna and I go separate ways sifting through Target. I go down to the back of the store and across to the other end of the store and back and look for sales and anything we need. The other day, in the middle aisle of Target a massive HINT water sale was going on and there I was buying three packs of watermelon HINT water after realizing we were about to run out at home. That is just one example of how Target is always helpful. If we had not gone to Target that night, I would have run out of HINT water and maybe missed the sale. 

Because a couple hundred words do not do our Target trips justice, we made a Target vlog! Unfortunately, I have yet to edit it, BUT keep an eye out… 

Frequent trips to Target have been proven (by us Hennessey sisters) to reduce stress levels. If you are having a bad day, we highly recommend going to the most amazing place in the world: Target.