Birds of Prey: Why We Can’t Let Margot Robbie Flop

Birds of Prey: Why We Can’t Let Margot Robbie Flop

Delia Duggan and Anna Hennessey

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, or BoP for short, was an amazing film. The girl power, the comedy, and the amazing acting performances all culminated in a fun-filled 109 minutes. And yet, people are calling it a “flop.” Before we label anything that queen Margot Robbie stars in a “flop,” let’s examine the facts.

BoP was destined to not do as well as other movies from the beginning. Released at a time when the least amount of people see movies (early February), DC Films and Warner Bros. didn’t seem to care too much about the performance of the film. BoP premiered in kind of a “dead time” for movies: in between the Oscars season and summer, which are both prime times for movie releases. 

Despite this, producer and star Margot Robbie refused to do anything but the best for her movie. Robbie pitched the idea for BoP while still filming the 2016 film Suicide Squad, and called it an “uphill battle” as she was met with obstacles all along the way, mainly from people hesitant to address the need for a female-led action flick. Despite this, Robbie’s dedication to the film allowed her to create the best movie possible. 

Another reason BoP isn’t doing as well as previous DC comics movies is its R rating. While this allows Harley Quinn and her friends to stay more true to the comics with sometimes graphic fight scenes and cursing, it also deters many of the regular comic movie viewers. Families with young children are deterred by the possibilities that come with an R-rating and many casual viewers turn away for the same reasons. However, very few other movies receive backlash for its R-rating; take The Irishman, for example. If people can stand to see Robert De Niro swear about the mafia for 3 hours, they can deal with Brooklyn criminal Harley Quinn dropping the f-bomb a few times. It’s more realistic!!! Who doesn’t want to see Harley Quinn and her girl squad kick butt? I mean people saw Avengers which is basically just a testosterone fest, save Scarlett Johansson in a skin tight suit leather suit, but sure! Of COURSE it’s not a sexism thing. Sure. 

You should see this incredible masterpiece for many reasons. One reason is for the absolutely MENTAL soundtrack. It contains amazing songs such as Doja Cat’s “Boss B***h”, CYN’s “Lonely Gun” and, my personal favorite, Maisie Peters’ “Smile.” With this soundtrack, you will have the most perfect girl power soundtrack to listen to on a car ride to school. Also, by seeing this movie, you will be supporting the MOST ICONIC QUEEN Margot Robbie as she both stars and produces this should-be-blockbuster. Furthermore, if you want to support females, this movie is almost completely female-based (the only leading men in the movie are antagonists), it is produced and directed by a woman, and the soundtrack is from solely female singers.

 On a more personal note, Delia and Anna felt a deep connection with the characters as we saw parallels to our friendship. If you have seen the movie, we thought Anna is most like Harley Quinn and Delia is most like Black Canary. Please let us know if you saw the film and felt a similar connection to any of the characters.