Keeping Up With Members of The Heart over Spring Break

Ella Rosovsky

Delia Duggan, a junior on the newspaper, was filled with excitement last week about her upcoming trip to Rome to visit her older brother Liam, who is studying abroad. Upon the recent Coronavirus outbreak in Rome, Liam was sent home to be quarantined. Delia is incredibly upset, saying, “I’ve never been to Rome and I’ve dreamed of going for a long time.” She is also upset because Liam is home, and sharing a bathroom is not ideal for either of them. Liam, along with many other college students, is stuck trying to find another way to fulfill his educational requirements without returning to Notre Dame or his study abroad program. Now the Duggan family is scrambling to find an alternate vacation which will not put them in the harm of Coronavirus.


Catie Ellis, a sophomore on the newspaper, is among the few people left still going on exchange. She surprisingly said, “I feel safer going to Ireland because there is currently only one case and it’s on an island.” She is a little nervous about the airport and the long ride, but she isn’t stressed about the possibility of being quarantined. She said, “I can’t see myself being quarantined and if I am I’ll just stay with my exchange family because I like them, they’re super nice.” Catie and her exchange student both don’t think that school in Ireland will be cancelled while Catie’s there. 


Caroline Linton, another junior on the newspaper, is currently very discouraged because her exchange to Austria is postponed. There are currently 15 cases of coronavirus in Vienna, Austria right now, exactly where Caroline would be living. Caroline said, “I’m really sad, but I’m excited because hopefully I’ll go over the summer and the weather will be nice.” School in Vienna is not cancelled yet, but it might be in the coming week. Austria borders Italy, which is currently in a corona-crisis. Now, instead of exchange, Caroline will be visiting her friend at Ohio State for the first week and catching up on sleep the second. 


Dr. Walsh and Mr. Szilvasy, our beloved faculty moderators, are staying in this break. Dr. Walsh is looking forward to watching college basketball. He and his friends will set up multiple TV’s to watch it, which they call “March Madness Madness.” He is rooting for Providence but won’t get his hopes up because he’s been disappointed many, many times in the past twenty years. Mr. Szilvasy will also be watching basketball and catching up on sleep. He prefers to watch March Madness alone, plus none of his friends are on break. He is rooting for Gonzaga because he roots for teams that can’t tie UConn for the national championship or get further ahead. He cheers for whatever team is in UConn’s interest, because Uconn will likely not be making it far in March Madness this year.