The Quarantine Buzz

Since we are quarantined, stuck in our houses, and prevented from any social interaction, people have found many different ways to stay entertained. With a combination of boredom and the closing of barber shops everywhere, one way people are staying entertained is by switching up their hair. Most people figure, “I won’t see anyone for months anyway, so why not try out a new look?”

While all these new hair trends can be fun in the moment, they don’t always turn out the best when you’re the one doing them. For example, when people cut their own hair, it can turn out uneven, or not the right length. It’s fun to be able to decide what you want to do with your hair and try something new, but it often doesn’t turn out as we hoped. A lot of people have given haircuts to their siblings, their parents, and even themselves.

Another trend that seems to be common during quarantine is hair dying. When we were first put into lockdown, I remember the week after it seemed as if all of my friends had blue, pink, or red hair. Some people have been dying just strands of their hair, while others go all in and dye all of it. At home hair dying is arguably way better than at home haircuts, because hair dye is harmless if it’s not permanent. Just like cutting your hair, hair dying is fun to do but doesn’t always look the best if done poorly or if it starts to fade.

Boys have taken a similar approach to girls when it comes to changing their hair during quarantine. It seems that the most popular trends for boys are to buzz all of their hair off or grow facial hair. Since boys’ hair is hard to maintain at a good length when barbershops are closed, some boys have decided to shave off all their hair. Another popular hairstyle boys have been trying out is mullets, which in our opinion, do not look good. While some haircuts like this can look good when done by a professional, they usually don’t turn out great when people do it themselves.

The boys that decided to grow out facial hair are mostly teens, and while it can be fun to see how long they can last without shaving, it turns out patchy and not filled in which can look bad. Since I have two brothers, they have decided to have a competition with my dad to see how long they can go without shaving. Although the mustaches don’t look great, a competition like this can be a fun way to make the most out of our current situation. Although I think there are better competitions to make the most out of quarantine, it is still fun to do little challenges with your family.

Overall, people being stuck inside without seeing anyone has led them to style their hair in ways they normally would not. With so many people doing it, at this point it’s not out of the ordinary to see your friends growing mustaches or dying their hair purple. While these might be spur of the moment ideas, it is fun to try something new and it can be an exciting activity in a time like this.