Outer Banks Review

Outer Banks Review

Anna Hennessey

The Outer Banks, “Paradise on Earth.” This show follows John B and his friends, also known as the Pogues, as they search for lost treasure. They face many trials and have quite a few violent interactions with the Kooks, the non-locals of the island. This new series has taken over the teenage population — not only because of the concept of the show, but the ~plot~ as well. Arguments have risen over who is the better leading man, JJ or John B, and who is the better leading woman, Sarah or Kie. The TikTok platform as well as other social media has been overridden with OBX content.

Everyone I know has seen this show. Abi and I even made our entire family sit down and watch it. I highly recommend you watch it not just for the plot, but also to see what the hype is about. 

I thought I would share some of my more controversial opinions on the show. SPOILERS AHEAD! 

  1. If Sarah disowns her father, does she have to give up being a Kook because he has this really cool boat? Also imagine the Pogues using that boat for all their shenanigans. 
    1. Also related to Sarah: I personally think she can do better than John B. Sorry not sorry. 
  2. JJ IS GREATER THAN JOHN B AND NO ONE CAN FIGHT ME ON THIS. JJ is a more caring person and he did all those things for Pope, while John B really only cared about that girl he loved for three days. 
  3. I LIKE TOPPER. Honestly I understand he is rude for most of the show, but he really redeems himself by the end. He also is really misunderstood and does a lot of things because of his skewed judgment caused by his love for Sarah. With better friends and more positive influences on his life, Topper would be better.
    1. Lowkey I did not realize Wheezie was 13 and I thought she and Topper were going to date.
  4. Topper and Kie should get together. Kie is super down to earth and Topper redeemed himself. If we look past Topper beating up Pope and JJ, we can see his good side. Kie could stop Topper from being a jerk because she is less selfish than Sarah and is more able to understand and be helpful to Topper. Topper will also finally be able to give love and appreciation to a girl who actually would love him back. They are already second choices anyways so it would work. 

Thank you guys for hearing me out and feel free to reach out and email me about your opinions on these theories.