My Tik Tok During Quarantine

Abi Hennessey

Recently, Tik Tok has been racking up many people’s screen time, including mine. Over the past couple weeks I have scrolled down to where there are no Tik Toks left on my For You Page at least 10 times. When I am bored, Tik Tok is a great way to waste time, but when my  FYP gets really weird, that’s when I know it is time to refresh. After hours of scrolling through Tik Tok, my parents will tell me to go to bed. Do I listen to them? No.

 A lot of different trends have gone around Tik Tok over the past few months. In my opinion, the pause trend was the most annoying trend ever, but thank goodness that ended. One of my favorite trends is the album cover trend because people are very creative and are very funny. Many OBX Tik Toks have come through my FYP as well. I have also noticed many parents joining Tik Tok and popping up on my FYP. Also, Jojo Siwa has TAKEN OVER my FYP and I don’t really know why. And how do I forget my girl, Debbie? She has been a Tik Tok hit. Her acting skills have really been acknowledged. 

My screen time has been slowly rising over the past weeks, and I know I’m not the only one. It has been a habit for me to open my phone and go right to Tik Tok. In fact, this article took me six hours to write due to my “Tik Tok breaks” every couple of words. Well, Tik Tok has been the most interesting thing these months, so if you do not already have it I suggest you get it.