Target Withdrawals

Target Withdrawals

Anna Hennessey and Abi Hennessey

Consider this article the sequel to our “Target is Therapeutic” article. Quick recap for you, in case you’ve forgotten (or were foolish enough to just never read it): the two of us have had an obsession with Target for a long time. We used to go around five times a week to just wander the aisles and breathe in the “Target air.” It always helps to cure a bad day and the calming routine walk through the aisles was simply therapeutic.

Anna: Obviously, due to the stay at home order and social distancing, we have not been able to do our classic Target shenanigans. I, Anna, haven’t been to Target since March 3rd, and I am sad to inform everyone it was not a classic therapeutic trip but instead a last-minute stress shopping. So it’s been over two months at this point, and let me tell you it has been hard. The exit we live off of makes us drive by Target every time we get off the highway. I have started going an extra ten minutes through Westwood in order to avoid having to see Target and cry the inevitable tears of mourning. I obviously could go because it is open, but I am trying to social distance and think it would not be the same as before because I would be stressed out the whole time. I miss Target deeply and cannot wait to run through the aisles at 11 pm again when this whole situation is over.

Abi: Sometimes I daydream about walking through the tile floors for hours. I wish I could leap onto the back of a cart and glide through the aisles. I miss pulling into the parking lot at 7 pm driving home from school. I miss the fresh Target smell when you walk in the automatic sliding glass doors. I wish I could go down an aisle and see an unnecessary thing and put it in my cart. I cannot wait to run through Target until I can’t run anymore.

This is our Hennessey sisters’ official message to all of you to help us beat the curve and social distance so we can get our therapy back.

Hennessey Sisters during a beloved Target run