Social Media Showdown

Homecoming: NCDS vs. Dana Hall


Rivalry, tradition, and competitive spirit consumed the minds of all sports players and super fans on September 25th, at NCDS homecoming. For years, the students at our school have participated in friendly rivalry against the girls at the Dana Hall school.  Whether is be on the field or visiting each other’s campuses, the homecoming traditions have always been fun and competitive. However, the rise in popularity and usage of social media has changed the pace of these traditions.  This year, the Dana Hall students took this rivalry to the phones, using the apps VSCO and Instagram to depict their hatred towards the falcons.  Did they take it too far?  I think so… Posting pictures of dead falcons, falcons being targeted, and broken sacred hearts definitely crosses the line from friendly competition, to aggressive and mean shots at the girls of NCDS.  It is understandable that social media is going to be used during the season of homecoming, but that doesn’t make cruel posts against our mascot and faith acceptable. What’s next from these girls? Will we strike back at their homecoming? The best way to get back at them is on the field… Let the games begin.