Newton Takes Head of the Charles


Tori Selian, Staff Writer

On October 18th, ten girls huddled outside the Daly Rink in 30-degree temperatures and a brisk wind.  After a pep talk from Coach Kate Spelman, the girls climbed aboard the two boats and rowed to the starting line for the Head of the Charles’ Women’s Youth Four event scheduled for 12:02 pm.

The first boat, with bow number 11, had Claudia Durbin in the stroke seat, followed by Kathleen West over, Caroline Diggins and Sophie Franchi, and Lily Durban was the coxswain. The second boat, number 24, was stroked by Victoria Selian, and followed by Lilly Bomberg, Caroline Moffat and Grace Cogan, with Eavie DiGiovanni as the coxswain.

Both boats raced down the Charles River, twisting at each curve and navigating through six bridges. Fans stood on Elliot Bridge to cheer and chanted Newton as each boat emerged from under the bridge.

First boat placed 23rd, finishing at 20:23:992 minutes. Second boat completed the course in 21:18:658 minutes and placed 57th out of 85 boats.

The cold crisp air was matched by the enthusiasm and spirit of both the girls and the fans that showed up to brave the weather. It was an exciting day for the Newton Country Day School community.