Track-By-Track Review of 25


Alessia Hughes, Staff Writer

It doesn’t matter which genre is your favorite.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

As long as you are human, you like Adele on some spectrum between “I enjoy her music” and “I absolutely adore her.” So while many artists in all genres had fabulous years and in any other year could have been the top artist, Adele swept in on her magic carpet at the tail-end of the year and stole the spotlight away from literally everyone. With the release of 25, Adele is at a level that very few people can reach even when they have been around for decades and have been named legends. Adele has been around for a mere nine years and has only released three studio albums to date, yet she can go to sleep every night knowing that she is a living legend. So let’s look at this living legend’s new book of songs, chapter by chapter:

Finding out that Adele was coming back, I was hesitant to hear the start of Adele’s new era for I didn’t know if these new songs would live up to her past two albums. And while her first two albums are masterpieces to which nothing can be compared to, I should have never ever doubted the goddess that is Adele. Of course her third album would live up to her first two. And this first song proves that to me. Adele’s vocal power and emotion brings this ballad to life and makes it the best and most successful pop song of 2015.

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”
Just as most people would agree, Adele’s ballads are the highlights of her albums, yet this faster-paced song is still catchy and well-written. Adele doesn’t sacrifice quality when changing up the tempo and sound. Just as in “Hello,” Adele moves on from a past relationship and does it with maturity and grace.

“I Miss You”
Another song that has a different beat than vintage Adele songs, but it still has the same quality of lyrics and vocals. The idea of this song (missing a lover) is a well-travelled path, but Adele doesn’t fall into a trap of repeating the same lyrics. She adds more detail and emotion to three simple, yet difficult, words.

“When We Were Young”
This is the album’s next single and is a solid choice to follow the success of “Hello.” Here Adele sounds like her old self, but at the same time, doesn’t swerve into the path of redundancy. Adele does what she does best in this song: traveling back to the past and taking her listeners with her. Listening to this song, I was taken back in time to a relationship and past love that I’ve never actually had. That’s the power her voice.

Adele takes another popular theme in love songs and switches it up. This time, Adele isn’t looking for someone to save her, she is looking for someone to save. Anyone would volunteer themselves after hearing this song. Piano simply plays along with her voice and sends chilling emotion through any listener’s entire body.

“Water Under the Bridge”
Adele is the envy of every singer—famous or not. With this song, Adele once again shows that she has the power of taking a strong beat and still giving a story filled with quality—a feat many artists today struggle with. Adele has no difficulty in writing imagery and emotion into beautiful music and perfect vocals.

“River Lea”
This song may just be the coolest and most unique song on this album, or even possibly throughout Adele’s entire career. She alludes to her past and sings so effortlessly with a chorus to create a chilling atmosphere in your headphones. This song doesn’t depend on a piano or a drum beat, rather it’s led by handclaps and other, smaller percussion instruments (shout out to the tambourine).

“Love in the Dark”
Adele knows what her strengths are and doesn’t shy away from showing them off. In this song she takes love, piano, and strong vocals to make magic and yet another song to listen to alone in your pajamas.

“Million Years Ago”
This is another song that stretches Adele’s abilities. Guitar is prominent and her vocals are a little whinier and quieter. But do not fear, these changes don’t hurt. Rather we are wholly embraced by a new side of Adele’s voice and learn that our hearts can feel something so deep and beautiful as the emotion in this song.

“All I Ask”
This song makes me miss the boyfriend I’ve never actually had. It’s the perfect song to drive alone in the rain to. It’s the perfect song to study for that Latin test to. It’s the perfect song to cry to. It’s the perfect song to belt out in the shower or anywhere else socially acceptable. It’s heartbreaking while, at the same time, it’s healing. Adele’s voice and the piano accompaniment once again leads to utter perfection.

“Sweetest Devotion”
It seems like every time a singer has a baby, they write a song and stick it at the end of their albums. I’m not complaining— I absolutely love these songs especially since there are never two songs alike. Adele sings to her son with so much love and joy we almost forget that 90% percent of this album was about heartbreak. She ends her album, or rather her next era of world domination, with a little more upbeat song and joyful message. There’s no doubt that no matter how much you cried throughout the rest of this album, you will end with a smile (until you hit repeat and start Adele’s emotional roller coaster all over again).

Overall: I don’t have the power to say anything except that Santa should be like Oprah and put a copy of this album in every single stocking even if some people never asked for it—they would be missing out on the meaning of everything.