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Elf is the BEST Holiday Movie

Nellie Adams, Guest Writer

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For a man who sticks to the four main food groups, “candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup,” Buddy the Elf looks pretty darn good. Tall and lengthy, Buddy lets no obstacle stand in his way from reuniting himself with his father. Buddy’s journey is one of the most memorable in all of Christmas (besides Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem of course!). From being the first human to ever set foot in Santa’s workshop, to traversing the “seven layers of the candy cane forest,” to the big city of New York, Buddy’s journey is a true comeback story. When Buddy first finds out that he is an orphan, your heart sinks. You wonder who could ever do such a thing to a beautiful baby? But Buddy, being as determined and cheerful as ever, leaves the only place he has ever known to follow his heart, and find his father. He teaches the people of New York the true meaning of Christmas by… I am not giving anything away! Pulling on the strings of your heart while making you laugh until you cry, it is hard  to watch Elf and not immediately consider it your favorite Christmas movie. Who are we kidding? Favorite movie of all time.

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Elf is the BEST Holiday Movie