Middle School Basketball is Intense

How Upper Schoolers Should Be More Like Middle Schoolers

Alessia Hughes, Staff Writer

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Sitting at the scoreboard with one finger on the clock switch with the eager and loud shouts of Mr. Shu and Mr Ebling to my right, I had the glorious experience of watching A and B basketball play Dana Hall this past Friday (12/11).  From my few, unsuccessful years of town basketball, I was expecting a dull game with a very low score.  What I got, though, was the complete opposite.  Not only was I nervous about messing up the clock and forgetting to start it at the right time, I was also nervous at the extremely close score, many injuries, and the constant back and forth of possession.  But although this all made me nervous, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of both games.  The games were fast pace and full of intensity.  And even more than that, the crowd was louder than any other basketball game I have been to during my six years here.

The entire length of the concrete steps in the gym were piled with middle schoolers wrapped in their Advent Angels blankets.  They were screaming their heads off before the ref even threw the ball up and didn’t stop screaming until they were done celebrating both teams’ wins.  Sitting on the opposite side of the court, I was amazed at the level of excitement these middle schoolers had for the first home games of the season. Like Mr. Everett pointed out more than once, there were more fans at these games than a varsity game or even some playoff games.  His observation made me think about the difference between middle school and upper school support at games.  It’s understandable when it’s a Monday and Wednesday game— upper schoolers have homework, essays, and tests to study for most nights.  But on Friday, there really isn’t any excuse for us.  Every Friday home game, whether it’s in the gym, upper field, or lower field, there should be rows of upper schoolers watching our friends and classmates play the games they love.  We should know just how well our teams are doing and get excited every Friday for the next games.  Middle schoolers have always looked up to upper schoolers— I remember that feeling from four years ago— but I hope that upper schoolers take a second to look at our middle schoolers and follow them in their eardrum-blasting school spirit.