NCDS Opinions on Valentine’s Day

Fiona Henderson

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Throughout January and the beginning of February, stores are filled with chocolates, flowers, valentines, and overwhelming amounts of pink and red. Every commercial seems to be valentine-themed, all movies on TV are about love, and everyone seems to be making plans for the 14th.

Is Valentine’s Day really worth all of this hype? 77% of NCDS high school students who recently took a survey on this topic think so. These students’ reasons for thinking so include:


“I love love.”


“It’s fun.”


“It’s cute. I like chocolate.”


“Love is something that should be celebrated :)”


“It’s always been a tradition in my house and even when I didn’t have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, my family always had a big Valentine’s Day dinner because it’s my mom’s favorite holiday and we spend it sharing love to our family.”


“I like Valentine’s Day because it is a nice day to emphasize the love you have for others and the love you receive from others. It’s nice to do with my friends and family but I still wish I had a boyfriend!”


However, 23% of students who took this survey are not fans of Valentine’s Day. Their reasons for not being fans include:


“[Valentine’s Day is] very, very stupid and it makes the single people feel more single and the relationship people look stupid and cheesy.”


“because I DO NOT have a significant other.”


“because Szilvasy said to love your signif[icant] other all the time <3”


“I think that having ONE day out of the whole year dedicated to telling the person/people you love that you love them takes away from showing that love every other day of the year.”


46% of those who answered that they will be celebrating Valentine’s Day will be doing so through “Galentine’s Day” (a girls’ day with friends). 37% said they will celebrate with Netflix and chocolate, and 17% said they will be celebrating with their significant others.


In short, most NCDS students like Valentine’s Day even if they are not in romantic relationships and are happy to celebrate a day dedicated to love.

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