Prom- A Big “Thank You” to Sister Rogers

Alessia Hughes

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What does prom mean to us? That’s one question Sister Rogers wanted answered and didn’t get answered.  But that doesn’t mean that we take prom for granted.  We do value prom and the experience we gain from it. And this year’s prom will be no different.  During prom and the after party, we hope, as upperclassmen, to show faculty that we really do appreciate their hard work and sacrifices.  We want to show that we can have fun together and that our experiences of prom this year will be just as wonderful, if not better, than previous semis and proms.  


When I asked juniors and seniors what prom meant to them, I received many levels of answers; some answered with a concise sentence, others practically wrote novels.  Some responses, shown below, I hope will prove that the majority of us love prom and appreciate the experience we can have from it.


To me, prom is a night with all of the juniors and seniors, not just my friends, where we can all hang out together and have so much fun. It is one of the few times in your life where you can put on a long dress and get your hair done and have a special day. I have been looking forward to it since I was little and it is a once a year, twice in a life, even that all girls look forward to. It is an even that my mom and aunts have all gone to and told me fun memories of and I hope to make my own prom memories to tell my kids about.


I love dances because they allow students to just have fun for a night.  I rarely do anything fun, as school work takes over my life, and I do not live close to any of my friends. It is really hard to do something “fun” over the weekend with friends and still complete all of my homework, study for tests, study for the ACT, AND do my Hesed hours.  Prom ensures one night where the two classes of 2016 and 2017 can come together to have fun, for once.


It’s an American tradition and rite of passage.


It means a chance to show the faculty and administration of our school that we have learned from our mistakes and want to show by example and fix them. It means that we can come together as a class and respect ourselves, the faculty, and the school and have a fun, responsible night. It means that we can join together, one last time, as a junior and senior class before the seniors leave for college. It means that I will have memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life and remember NCDS as, not only where I got my education, but also where I enjoyed being and loved all the people I knew there.


Prom is a once or twice in a lifetime chance for the American teen. Movies, TV shows and books have built up this idea of Prom throughout childhood. It is the only time I will probably ever wear a long dress other than my wedding day. It is something you tell your kids about.


There are certain NCDS traditions that you look forward to from the day your arrive like Kairos, the Junior Ring Ceremony, and taking pictures at school before prom. I am afraid that is a memory that I will not be able to take away from the NCDS experience.


I can take pictures with friends and family that I will cherish forever.


It is one of the last times we, seniors, will be all together before we graduate.


These feelings and many others prove, that although we failed to show how much prom means to us, it does really stand out as a night to look forward to and to be able to remember for a lifetime.  2016 and 2017 will prove on April 9th, that we do feel this way and we will show that we have learned from our mistakes.  

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