JV Basketball’s Undefeated Season

JV Basketball's Undefeated Season

Alessia Hughes

On Friday, February 26th, JV basketball played their very last game of this season against Southfield and achieved one last win to close an undefeated season.  Coached by Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Szilvasy, the group of ten girls, 5 freshmen, 3 sophomores, and 2 juniors, played 16 games, easily winning each one, with an average of 21 more points than their opposing teams.  With 591 total points all season, the team played together as perfect teammates, working with their strengths and weaknesses.  Throughout the season, they grew closer to each other, causing for more trust and confidence.  And with a perfect, amazing season, JV Basketball was given the honor to retire the soon-to-be-old gym as the last team to play a game in it.  They said goodbye in style with posters, cake, nets around their necks, and of course, a huge win and celebration.  

Below is a few members of the team’s thoughts on their season and how much they will value the memories and sore muscles they gained from this experience:

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“My favorite part about the JV basketball season was coming back after losing by 9 points to Dana Hall and winning by 8 in overtime.” -Jocelyn Mulvey ‘19

“I am so happy that I got to play on a team with such talent, work ethic, good sportsmanship, and love for each other. It was great to get to know such amazing girls. I’d like to thank Mr. Stephenson, Mr. Szilvasy, and all my girls for making this a season I definitely will never forget. Good luck to everyone next year and I will miss this team so much!!” -Maddie Kelly ‘19


“I am so proud to be a part of this year’s JV Basketball Team. With coaches that support you in reaching your goals, and a team that picks you up when you fall, I couldn’t of asked for better people to play with on the court. I would like to thank Coach Stephenson, Coach Szilvasy, and my team for making the season a memorable one. I will never forget the team’s dedication to each other and their admiration for the game. Our hard work and commitment paid off and I am happy to be celebrating an undefeated season of 16-0 with this team.” -Mary Ings ‘17

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“My favorite memory was going into overtime during the Dana game!” -Katie Mahoney ‘19


“My favorite memory was learning how to do charges with the coaches, which is when you are playing defense and fall really dramatically to get an offensive foul when someone pushes you. We were all trying to out do each other’s drama and it was a really fun moment where we bonded and laughed together as a team. We all laughed together during games when we would attempt to do them, and were always there to help someone up from a charge. Being sore the next day was so worth it for the laughter and fun we shared!” -Emma Kelly ‘19


“Some of my favorite memories were when we cut the net at the end of the season, or when we were trying to get Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Szilvasy to dye their heads blue or get a tattoo in memory of us!” -Maqui Bernava ‘18

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“The biggest reason we had so much success was because everyone pitched in when needed during the season. Every player got a chance to be the star of a game. I think our overtime win at Dana shows this and gave us the confidence to close out our season and the old gym in style. ” -Ally Kuppens ‘18

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Congrats to JV Basketball on their awesome season and the whole school community can’t wait to see what each and every one of you achieve in the rest of your years at NCDS!

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