Tea for Every Mood of Quarantine

Catie Ellis

May 25, 2020

When you’ve watched hours of tv and you want to watch just one more episode: peppermint When you stayed up til 4 and now have a class at 9: black tea When you just want to go out: chai (not the Starbucks stuff) When you haven’t ...

We Are Not “Strong” Women, We Are Just Women

Mycalea Lewis

March 12, 2020

This past Sunday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day, a holiday that should be celebrated every single day, in my opinion. But I digress. That day, I was scrolling through social media as one does and came across a vide...

Why Newspaper is the Best Committee

Kate Vander Vort

March 12, 2020

Usually on Tuesday and Thursdays, people dread going to their committees, and I've always wondered why. Being a member of the Newspaper, I look forward to every Thursday where we get to write and eat as a committee.  Newspa...

TV Show Review: You

Ali Peck

February 19, 2020

Sick of all your Netflix shows? Watch You! You is a Netflix Original and has two available seasons. The TV show’s first season came out in 2018, and the second season just came out in December 2019. The show is nothing but suspenseful yet ...

Is our school day too long?: A Deeper Dive into Assemblies

Emma Doyle

February 19, 2020

There is one specific question that has been spread amongst the NCDS hallways--why is our school day so long? This article will dive deep into this question and explain how long our school day really is and how it affects us. I sen...

Why I Wish We Had a Midterms Week:

Katelyn McGauley

January 29, 2020

The Tuesday after Martin Luther King Weekend starts, in my opinion, the oddest week of the school year: Midterms. Students are asked to take tests that have material from an entire semester while maintaining a regular school sc...

Opinion on the NCDS Phone Policy

Kelly Cloonan

January 29, 2020

In April 2016, a newspaper member wrote an article detailing the unfairness of our school’s phone policy. Four years later, phones are still not allowed during the school day, but there is no longer a $10 charge to get your...

Vespers is Underrated

Kelly Cloonan

December 19, 2019

I know that most people think that Vespers is made into too big of a deal. Yes, the rehearsals and countless months preparing can be tedious for a one night show, and the walk to Trinity is a bit of a workout. There is also so ...

Is Our School Day too Long?

Kate Vander Vort and Annie Kelley

December 18, 2019

Have you ever thought about how our school day compares to other schools? Think about it: we have eight periods each day, only one being lunch, and the majority of the week we have two assemblies every day. Our school day start...