Spring Break Survey

Kelly Cloonan

September 18, 2019

This past spring break, NCDS students flocked to all corners of the globe to travel, visit family, tour colleges, and go on exchange. Some students traveled as far as Costa Rica, New Zealand, and France, while others stayed clo...


Kelly Cloonan

September 18, 2019

At the end of the 4th period this past Monday, no one expected Conge to happen. For one thing, it was a Monday, and everyone knows that Conge usually happens on Wednesdays or Fridays. Another thing is that it was during the 4th p...

Getting Prepared for the End of the Year

Olivia Egan

September 18, 2019

The end of the year is approaching, so here is a guide for how to get yourself prepared! This time of year can be very chaotic, so these are some ways I like to try to make life less stressful. First, you should get your mate...

My Exchange Experience in Madrid, Spain

Juliana Kwon

September 18, 2019

This March, I participated in the school’s exchange program and went to Madrid for 3 weeks. My exchange student Ines, came to Boston for a little over a month this fall and so I was not nervous for my trip at all but rather...

All Things Prom 2019

Bene Monks and Olivia Egan

September 18, 2019

Saturday, April 6th marked the day of NCDS junior and senior prom at the New England Aquarium, which also happens to be on the same night as Dana Hall and BB&N prom. This prom will be the first prom in several years wher...

How to Save Money at Prom!

Kelly Cloonan, Writer

February 28, 2019

Everyone knows that Prom is expensive. Last year, prom tickets cost $ 125. And if you decide to bring a guest, that’s $350. Then when you add $50+ for getting your hair done and even more for outfits and shoes. All of this ...

Teacher Friend Groups: The Breakdown

Anna Hennessey, Writer

February 28, 2019

  Have you ever seen a typical high school movie with obvious cliques and stereotypes?  Such as any of the classic John Hughes movies like the Breakfast Club or Sixteen candles or more recent Netflix films like To Al...

Ten Tips For Exchange

February 28, 2019

Although some people have already packed their bags and left for exchange, I have decided to make a list of quick tips for your journey to another Sacred Heart School! Tip #10: Watch out for pick-pocketers. Tip #9: If...

Advent Angels

Anna Hennessey

January 6, 2019

The newspaper committee sent out a survey about Advent Angels to get some of the NCDS community's opnions on gifts! When asked about thier favorite baked good they have recieved receive was 46.6 percent of people said cookies,...

Guide to Semi 2018!

December 14, 2018

PSAT Memes

PSAT Memes

November 29, 2018

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