God is Good, Chapel is Better

Cara Fitzpatrick

November 25, 2015

Every Thursday at 9:30, the entire upper school picks up a brochure and enters the chapel. In the side stalls, the first thing I do after awkwardly squeezing in the stall with another classmate is look at the bottom of the handout...

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up

Alessia Hughes

November 25, 2015

Top of the class, a dozen APs, countless honors and awards, every possible activity and sport, perfect test scores: the desired résumé of students who believe anything less means they will not be successful in college and th...

Who is Hillary?

October 26, 2015

Whenever a door swings open or slams shut, when papers get ruffled on desks, or when someone’s homework mysteriously disappears, it must be Hilary. Throughout the entire third floor, middle schoolers run down the halls with...

NCDS Bucket List

Tori Selian, Staff Writer

October 22, 2015

1) Be featured on the school Instagram You’ve made it once you get on the Newton Country Day School Instagram.  (Group shots don’t count) 2) Go on exchange With Sacred Heart Schools all around the world, going on exchange is a great way to learn about a new cultu...

Class of 2016

Blue-Silver as Seniors

October 22, 2015

Student Life