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Teacher Friend Groups: The Breakdown

Anna Hennessey, Writer

February 28, 2019

  Have you ever seen a typical high school movie with obvious cliques and stereotypes?  Such as any of the classic John Hughes movies like the Breakfast Club or Sixteen candles or more recent Netflix films like To Al...

Scout: The New Dog!

Ali Peck, Writer

February 28, 2019

Have you seen the new puppy? Come stop by the fireplace in Ms. Hodges’ office to meet Scout. Scout is a Black Lab-Greyhound mix with a black fur, but gray spots around her eyes. Since she is a puppy, Scout loves to play, snuggle and chew sn...

Ten Tips For Exchange

February 28, 2019

Although some people have already packed their bags and left for exchange, I have decided to make a list of quick tips for your journey to another Sacred Heart School! Tip #10: Watch out for pick-pocketers. Tip #9: If...


Katelyn McGauley

January 6, 2019

Vespers season is upon us. Trips to Trinity are in full swing, Chorale dresses are being hemmed, dancers are putting their finishing touches on choreography and teachers are scrambling to put in assessments on the Test Calenda...

Guide to Semi 2018!

December 14, 2018

Edition 2 Out Today!

November 29, 2018


PSAT Memes

PSAT Memes

November 29, 2018

The Question About Veteran’s Day

Kelly Cloonan

November 29, 2018

Why don’t we have Veterans Day off? It’s a question NCDS students ask every year when siblings and parents have the second Monday of November off and we still have to go to school. As a whole, Veterans Day is a very import...

Homecoming Stats!

Juliana Kwon

November 29, 2018

Dana Homecoming Stats: Varsity Cross Country: Won Varsity Soccer: Tied, 1-1 Varsity Field Hockey: Tied, 1-1 Varsity Volleyball: Won JV Volleyball: Lost  ...

The Dana Hall and NCDS Varsity Field Hockey Feud Continues…

Bene Monks

November 29, 2018

Around the time of October 26, the Dana Hall homecoming, a post from a Dana Hall student fueled the already well-lit fires underneath the stomachs of the varsity field hockey falcons and dragons. The instagram post was a normal...

Humans of NCDS-Eva Boucher

Ali Peck

November 29, 2018

Meet Eva Boucher! A member of the class of 2022, Eva is currently on Varsity Field hockey, but looks forward in taking part in both Hockey and Lacrosse in the upcoming seasons. Eva plays defense in lacrosse, but plays forward ...