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2018-2019 Staff

Juliana Kwon


Juliana is a junior at NCDS this year. She has attended NCDS since the fifth grade. Since then she has run Cross Country every fall and has tried many other sports on the side. These include: basketball, soccer, swimming, ballet,...

Anna Hennessey


Anna is a sophomore at NCDS. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix. Her favorite school lunch is pasta day! ...

Ali Peck


Ali is a Freshmen at NCDS. She enjoys playing softball on the weekend along as playing with her dog. Her favorite school lunch dessert is churros! ...

Bene Monks


  Bene is a junior at NCDS this year. This is her first year on the Newspaper Committee. Fun fact about her is that she used to live in Milan, Italy and can speak Italian. Her past times are mostly eating, watching Netflix, and pr...

Katelyn McGauley


Katelyn is a Junior at NCDS this year. This is her 3rd year on the Newspaper Committee and her first year being head. She is also a member of the Service Committee. Her favorite place is Cape Cod and she sails all year round. ...

Kelly Cloonan

Staff writer

Kelly is a junior at NCDS. This is her third year on newspaper. She runs cross country at school and likes to go to the beach. Her favorite school lunch is grilled cheese....

Lauren Reenstierna


Lauren is a Senior at NCDS. This will be her third year on the Newspaper Committee, and her second as a Committee Head. In addition to the Heart, Lauren is the Silver Captain and member of the Committee of Games. In her free time, she...